How can I change an address for an order I have already placed?

Unfortunately once an order has been placed, we forward your information along to various partners so in some cases address changes are not possible. 

If you realize an address change is needed, please contact us using this contact form and we willtry to rectify this before an order has been shipped. 

If the order has already been shipped, we recommend using your tracking information that is listed under "my account" to contact your shipping provider and asking them to reroute the goods. As we work with hundreds of designers, and the items are being shipped to you, Fy! is not included on the shipping labels, and are not allowed to change addresses on your behalf. 

If an item has been shipped to an incorrect address, and you are not able to update your shipping information, we can wait for the item to be returned to the designer/brand at which time we can issue you a refund and have you reorder the item.

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